About the Church


The Federated Church of Hyannis is an independent, interdenominational church that came into being in 1917 as a result of the merger between a Congregational and a Universalist congregation.

While we have no denominational affiliation, most of our pastors have been ordained by the United Church of Christ – in New England generally known as the Congregational Church – whose origins go back to the Pilgrims and other religious dissenters who founded Plimoth Plantation and the Massachusetts Bay Colony.

We are a church family with active programs in worship, music, fellowship and mission. The Lobster Roll Luncheon served every Friday in the summer has been a fixture on the Cape for over half a century.


Situated on Main Street in the heart of Hyannis, this church is the site of many community events. Our congregation is active in ministering to the community in the name and manner of Christ through opportunities such as hosting the annual Martin Luther King observance and the December 21st Homeless Person’s Memorial Service.
In addition, we provide space for the Cape Cod Council of Churches, Youth StreetReach, A Baby Center, and a Brazilian Presbyterian Church.

As a Main street church we seek to minister to the most needy and vulnerable in our community through the programs we host and support.

If you are seeking a church home as a resident of the Cape or a place to worship as a summer visitor we hope you will feel welcome here. You are invited to join us for Sunday worship, for fellowship, for study and for service.


The Federated Church of HyannisOver our many years on Main Street in Hyannis, we have come to be known as “The Friendly Church.” We prominently display over our front door the image of the pineapple.

“Captains brought home pineapples to seaports all over the U.S., became life savers to the people on shore. It was discovered that the pineapple was rich in vitamin C and that the diseases many people were suffering from could be cured by simply eating pineapple. The Captains would put a real pineapple outside their homes, usually on fence posts, to show it was available inside to the people of the town. And thus was born the “Hospitality Symbol.” Over the entrance of our church, the pineapple symbolizes to all that spiritual food is available inside to cure the disease of the soul.” …S. Cook 05/08


Rental space is available. If interested, contact our Office Administrator by email or call 508-775-0298.