New Hours:
Thur, Fri, & Sat: 10am-1pm
Open Year-Round ~ Phone:508.771.5395

What a wonderful time to walk the beach and listen to birds as the people go sailing by !  Don’t you just love to watch the  people go sailing while you’re relaxing and reading an interesting book?

3602 You’re in luck as we’re having a great book sale for the next few weeks we’ll be having a special half price sale on all of our books.  This is a very good time to be looking for an interesting book to read on the beach or in the evening while you’re here on vacation with us!   I know a few people who are members of Book Club’s and they’re always looking for great, interesting books.

Come and check us out as all of the books are half price for a limited time.   3605
This special sale will start on Thursday July 19th and it will end on Saturday July 28th.   We have quite an assortment of interesting books to choose from so come along and bring a friend with you for some shopping fun with us !


We’re in need of nice gently used…

Sheet & pillowcase sets, pots & pans, table games, books,
blankets, pocketbooks, wallets and small table lamps.

I thank all of our wonderful, helpful volunteer’s for your gifts of their time and talent.         It’s your talent and gifts of all kinds that help us to keep this important Ministry, going so as we can help so many who are in need.

For more information you may call the church office at this number 508-775-0298 or try the thrift shop number  508-771-5395.   We thank you for shopping with us at the Friendly Thrift Shop, and we look forward to serving you soon !

I’m in prayer that we’ll be back at our regular hours once again real soon.
God, be with you all,

Wendy McKay

Matthew 19:26
…With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.