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Can you believe that it’s just about that time of the year once     again to shop for going back to school things!  Along with the excitement of children and parents shopping around for school items we’re having our annual Clearance Bag Sale!!

This is a fun sale where you can fill a beige grocery bag size       bag with clothes, shoes, hats and pocketbooks for the low price  of only $5.00 per bag!!   This sale will be starting earlier this season for your back to school shopping convenience. We’ll start this special sale on        Thursday August 16th and we’ll extend it through Saturday September 29th.

This is also a great chance to find a few cool pieces of clothing while the weather is still warm.  Come and have some fun shopping for school with a friend!!

We’re in need of gently used………………..
Sheet sets, kids jackets, winter boots, blankets, sweatshirts,
kids boots, towel sets, socks and gloves.

We’ll be having some more fun special sales coming during the Autumn, and Winter, months so check the bulletins, website and the newsletters often!!

I’d like to give my deepest appreciation to all of our most helpful, understanding volunteer’s for all of your gifts of time and talents. Without your help we couldn’t keep this important ministry, in service.

We thank you for shopping with us at the Friendly Thrift Shop, and we look forward to serving you soon !

May God, bless you one and all.

Blessings to you all, Wendy McKay


Matthew 19:26
…With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.